Cabinet Safety

Reallock Provide Perfect Solution for Asia's Leading Yoga Provider

One of our customers from H.K. is an Asia's leading premium lifestyle brand and has a wide variety of yoga and meditation classes and private yoga programs, including workshops with renowned teachers from all over the world.

This customer was looking for locker lock that was easy to manage, easy to use and safe for members to use. REAL provided the solution with the  RL-9041 keyless combination lock, a lock provides dual mechanism: combination for user and override key for management and emergency opening.


Perfect Solution

Before keyless combination locks were installed, their guests used normal key locks. This meant guests had to take their locker key with them to treatments and classes, often misplacing them. For the staff, managing locker keys became problematic and extremely labor intensive. This prompted them to look for a locker lock that was easy to manage, easy to use and secure.


The keyless Combination Lock Explained

RL-9041 keyless combination lock, made of zinc alloy lock body. The four-digit number is easy to set and can provide up to 10,000 different password combinations. If the user forgets their original password, the manager can use the override key (master key) for emergency opening and retrieve the code. Easy to install, easy to use, and convenient to manage, users don't need to carry keys. It also supports vertical and horizontal opening direction too.