REAL has decades of experience

Real Locks & Security Co., Ltd. takes cabinet locks, combination locks and customized locks as its core technologies. With 50 years of experience, in addition to specializing in various processing of metal, plastic and other materials, we are also constantly committed to the promotion and development of combination locks and lock cylinders in the fields of furniture cabinet hardware, mechanical and electrical locks, and transportation industry security systems.


Customized Electromechanical Integration Case

Smart Service Station

Logical Planning of Car Rental

Structural Design of Parking System

Control Module Design

System Testing and Debugging

Electronic Logistics Vehicle Lock

Lock Logic Planning

Lock Structure Design

                  System Testing and Debugging

Vehicle Sealing System

Lock Logic Planning

Lock Structure Design

Control Module Design

System Testing and Debugging

REAL's engineers handle the tasks entrusted by customers in a rigorous manner and quickly solve customer problems with a professional division of labor

First, Discussion on lock design and development

Second, Mechanism Design Drawing

Third, Software Development Design and Verification

Fourth, 3D Printing Assembly Test and Verification of Product Organization


Technical Planning

1. According to the required use or operation logic, the mechanism is matched with transmission components such as motor or solenoid valve to make the integrated design of precise mechanism steering, radial movement or intermittent action.

2. Plan the organization logic and operation process to provide and lead the planning and design of electronic control PCB.

3. In the mechanism logic of electromechanical, through the micro switch or other sensing elements, plan to passively receive or actively provide signals for use in the integration of electronic circuit design firmware and software program design.

4. Dustproof and waterproof design: According to the environment and use requirements of the product, the waterproof and dustproof design is carried out to protect the circuit and motor structure, so as to achieve the best waterproof and dustproof conditions.


Communication Transmission System Planning

1. Familiar with bluetooth, NFC, WiFi, GSM (4G/5G) and GPS systems may be limited by the organization or materials when integrating the organization, and can plan the most suitable communication transmission usage according to the customer's usage needs and related restrictions model.

2. Operation Process and Logical Planning.

3. According to the conditions of product use, pre-simulate various operating conditions to conduct a complete system stability test and system debugging.


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