<To Lock>
Knob and arrow must be in 12 O’clock and UNLOCK position.
Set user combination to like.
Close locker door and turn knob to 9 O’clock and “LOCK” position.
Spin all 4 number dials scramble preset combination.

<Open Lock>
Turn number dials to preset combination.
Turn knob to “UNLOCK” position and open locker door.

<If you forgot the password>
Insert master key, turn key & knob to point white arrow to 12 o’clock and “UNLOCK” position than you can open the door.

<Find out original password>
Open the door and turn the knob to point white arrow to 9 o’clock and “LOCK” position than withdraw the key.
Look at the 4 rectangular holes in the door back and turn the number wheels until the red spots show up at the 4 rectangular holes.
The numbers at the wheels are the preset combination codes.

Our standard product is Nickel Alloy.
We are welcome that if the customer have special demands.

  1. This lock should be installed in the door hole with height 90.5mm and width 32mm.
  2. It can be installed in the size 15.9mm door hole and the door which of 29.1mm thickness. It is suitable the door with 1~20mm thickness.

Our standard size of cam is length 33mmand 44mm. We can also manufacturing different size according customer demand.

Install this lock in suitable door hole and screwing with Nut. Install the cam on the lock back, and screw it.

It is made by diecast so we could not change the length of this lock.

It is suitable with the padlock which size of shackle is 11mm.

Our standard size of this lock is Shiny chrome plated and Brass plated. We are welcome that if the customer have special demands.