RL-9046 keyless combination lock provides dual mechanism: combination for user and override key for management and emergency opening.

It is user friendly with easy to read dials, open / close indicators, and easy-to-use knob with no need to twist bulky housing that defaces surfaces.

This lock is popular for using on lockers and cabinets in fitness center, healthcare, hotels, gyms, schools, and anywhere in need of convenience of management and flexibility of combination retrieval or multiple person access.

Why Choose REAL Locks? REAL has been devoting itself in the industry of Locks & Security for more than 40 years. The R&D center has the innovation capabilities for both ODE and OEM projects, providing technical support and solutions for electronic-mechanism integration, and rapid prototyping services.

For production and manufacturing, REAL has facilities in Taiwan and Vietnam to fulfill customers' requirements on pricing, on-time delivery, quality, and quick response.

This product comes with 3 year comprehensive warranty.


  • Color: Champagne / Platinum
  • No wire, no battery, no keys and no card required.
  • For door thickness: 1 to 33mm
  • Personal selected codes up to 10,000 combinations.
  • Eliminates the hassle of distributing and collecting keys.
  • De-code function can be operated on the front side.
  • No distributor in USA, REAL is the only designer and manufacturer.
  • ADA Knob is avaliable (Optional).


  • Locker Door: 1 ~ 33mm
  • Opening Direction: Right / Left
  • Dimension: 98.4x39.8x80.5(mm)
  • Weight: 450 g



  • Lock Body: Zinc Alloy
  • Cylinder: Brass (Patented REAL detained disc cylinder)


Patent Certification:

  • US Patent Number : US7,367,207B2
  • Germany Patent Number : DE202006012491U1
  • China Patent Number : ZL200820176748.7
  • Taiwan patent Number : I275691

RL-9046 Keyless Security Lock (User Operation)


RL-9046 Keyless Security Lock (Manager)


RL-9046 Keyless Security Lock (Install)


RL-9046 Keyless Security Lock (Video)