The RL-9047 Keyless Combination Lock is using Zinc Alloy material with ED coating which makes lock body strong and durable for daily use. It is suitable for lockers, mail boxes, tool boxes…etc.


REAL locks provides different lengths of lock barrel which comply to door thickness from 1 to 29mm. The installation hole size is international standard 19x16 mm.


The advantage of this lock is it is very easy for installation and no extra cost for maintenance. RL-9047 is very popular for schools, gyms, and work places.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we are happy to serve you.


  • Available in different colors
  • Material: zinc alloy lock housing
  • Fiting for the existing cam lock door routing (diameter: 19 / 16mm)
  • Users can set up their own passwords, up to 1,000 combinations provided
  • Recoding button is available, allowing resetting combinations much easier
  • No handle or pull required, built-in knob to open / close door
  • Decoder is available for management to find the forgotten codes

RL-9047 Keyless Security Lock (User Operation)


RL-9047 Keyless Security Lock (Install)


RL-9047 Keyless Security Lock (Video)