Trailer Security

RL-9156 King Pin Lock: A High-Quality and Durable Solution for Trailer Security

The RL-9156 king pin lock is a high-quality and durable solution for securing trailer king pin during transport. This lock is designed to prevent theft and unauthorized access, ensuring that your trailer remains secure while in transit. RL-9156 king pin lock from REAL Lock has good reputation in the market and has been sold in many countries including UK, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Japan...etc.


The King Pin Lock Explained

In addition to improved security, the RL-9156 king pin lock also provided several operational benefits. The drivers were able to lock and unlock the trailers with ease, which saved them time and reduced the risk of injury. The lock was also designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and was built to last, which reduced the maintenance and replacement costs for the company.



RL-9156 King Pin Lock

Easy to install and required no special tools or equipment

 Simply to insert the lock into the king pin and turn the key to secure the trailer

Provides a secure and tamper-proof solution

Prevented theft and unauthorized access to the trailers




A Secure and Convenient Solution

The RL-9156 king pin lock provides a secure and convenient solution for securing trailers during transport, and helped the company to improve their operations, reduce costs, and ensure the safety of their assets. Whether you're a trucking company or a truck driver, the RL-9156 king pin lock is an excellent solution for securing your trailer king pin and keeping your trailers secure.