Brand Spirit

REAL Locks has been established for nearly 50 years. For the last 5 decades, we devote ourselves in both production and development. REAL brand stands for “Reliable”; “Endurable”; “Accurate”; “Locks”

In year 2000, Mr. Ho, I-Hui, the founder of REAL Locks & Security Co., Ltd,, traveled to South Africa and visited the lighthouse at Cape of Good Hope. He found the padlock on the gate of lighthouse is from REAL, and could not stop weeping from the joy and touched feeling as this padlock symbols the guardian of the lighthouse which protects the travelers and ships. Today, you can still find this REAL padlock on the gate of lighthouse at Cape of Good Hope, and it is rust free and no signs of corrosion.

Today, REAL Locks has done many projects in different industries including public rental bike, traceable container seal lock, electronic & mechanical integration…etc. Our R&D department has lock design experience for more than 40 years and capable to modify our lock cylinder into different applications to meet customers’ expectations.