Reallock Cam Lock system is a high security lock based on a rotating disc principle providing a virtual pick proof operation. No pins are used in this lock making it an excellent lock for harsh environmental conditions.


Patented key control programs prevent the unauthorized duplication of keys and maintain system integrity. Keyed alike, keyed different, or master keyed, our key system offers a complete line of various cam lock sizes and functions to meet your specific needs.


For application, Reallock cam locks bring the security of Rotating Disk Cylinder to gym cabinets, security boxes, locker lock, and other devices fits cam locks.


  • Right turn and left turn directions available
  • Available in various cam configurations and rotations
  • Available in various key combinations
  • Available in various lengths of lock housing
  • Anti-drilling, anti-picking, anti-rust and adverse weatther conditions
  • Master key is available on request
  • Suitable for lockers, cash boxes, mail boxes, tool boxes, furniture cabinets, storage chests, vending machines, laundry and similar equipments


  • Brass lock housing
  • Zinc alloy die-casting lock housing and stainless steel lock head
  • Brass cylinder
  • REAL detained disc cylinder
  • Finish:shiny chrome or brass