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Real Locks and Security Co. Ltd is a leading designer of locks for a variety of professional and home applications. At the heart of each of our locks is a unique cylinder. This mechanism provides greater security than pin or tumbler locks, since each cylinder has millions possible combinations. Brand - “REAL Lock” has appeared at the world famous Cape of Good Hope Lighthouse in South Africa since 1982. REAL was founded in 1972, and we have promoted our branded products to the world for more than 30 years. When I personally saw our REAL stainless steel padlock on the door of the lighthouse, I was so flushed that I could hardly breathe….a Taiwanese brand product in the farthest south corner of the world. My eyes couldn’t but tear, and I fully appreciated the value and future of the REAL brand. REAL represents the total of human art. It is the taste of industry culture, royal service, commitment of responsibility, and strong desire to be the representative of this industry and an extension of Taiwan’s strength.

Real Locks & Security Co., Ltd. is a professional lock designing and manufacturing company.

REAL GROUP Main Products:

Keyless Locks, Cam Locks, Bike Locks, Cargo locks, Vending Machine locks


Product and Service

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Master Key System

Master Key System

Real makes 4 generations of Master Key System, and the Grand Master Key which can open 20,000 pcs different locks  Read more »

Lock Cylinder Manufacturer

Lock Cylinder Manufacturer

We offer customers of different areas ODM and OEM services. We are well experienced in customizing special lock products for Furniture Industries, Machine and Electronic Devices Industries, Transportation Security Industries and so on.  Read more »

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