Container Door Lock - REAL Locks

Containers refer to a type of logistic equipment designed for carrying a large batch of cargo, goods, valuables, or any designated items.
With that being the case, making sure the items are accessible only to the right hands is the top priority. The most typical but dependable way of securing the container is using the container door lock.A set of quality container door locks should meet a couple of criteria. First, it must be strong enough to withstand physical breaches. Second, ease of use is necessary.

REAL’s RL-9157 is designed to lock the container using the door bars. 


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RL-9157 Trailer Door Lock is designed with sliding bar with distance from 230 to 480mm. It fits to any standard of containers and the minimum clearance between door bars and door is 6mm.

It is the only container door lock you need because of its compatibility with most, if not all, trailers and shipping containers.


  • Automatic fixing function helps you finish your job within 5 second
  • “Real” detained disc cylinder offers higher degree of protection against drilling and picking
  • Easily moved from container to container
  • Can be locked without the use of the keys
  • Easy to fit to any standard of container
  • Multi holes for varying distances between door bars
  • Detained disc cylinder with millions of key combinations, patented worldwide
  • Master key is available upon request

The lock material is using hardened steel and using “Detained Disc Cylinder” from REAL Locks to provide excellent security. Dust cover is enclosed with each lock to defend for dust and water, and REAL Lock can make master key upon request for management purpose.


  • Weight:4 kg
  • Material:hardened steel
  • Finish:white coating
  • The Min Dist to Outside Bars–230mm
  • The Max Dist to Outside Bars–480mm
  • The Max Bar Diameter–40mm
  • Minimum clearance between door bars and door is 6mm