Electronic tamperproof seal

This electronic tamperproof seal RL-9152 meets the security requirements for transportation including logistics, banking, and airline industries h. Make use of our vast experience with security and tamper-proof seals for all applications you can imagine: From indicative plastic seals to heavy-duty steel bolt seals for intercontinental container transportation – We have the ideal type of seal available!


Clear and obvious sign of any tamper attempt showed and make it easy to ensure secure delivery, and manage confidentiality. The random codes prevent tempering with cash box and confidential papers, and the lock would automatically enter "Sleep Mode" to save power and the battery runs for one year based on 50 times per day.


Permanently displays seal numbers on LED screen. When battery power is low, LCD screen would flash at first stage and power-off after long beeping at second stage.


  • Elapsed time shown in Days / Hours / Minutes, accumulating to 99 days
  • Built-in million random seal numbers
  • Shows last seal number when open and elapsed time since opening
  • Operation temperature:-30℃~+60℃
  • Battery Life:1 year (50 times /day)


  • Lock body:Zinc Alloy
  • Cable:Steel wire cover with PVC