Push-in Lock

Push in Lock & Plunger Lock - REAL Locks

Push-in locks come with several different names, such as push plunger locks, plungerlocks, push locks, or sliding door locks.Though the push-in lock is usually mistaken for the push-button lock, they are not quite the same.
Push-in locks are constructed in the form of a cylinder. On one end, there is a key slot. The lock works on a key-driven mechanism. When the key is turned, a bolt comes out from the other end of the cylinder like the plunger, hence the name plunger lock.


Such a configuration makes the push-in lock ideal for securing cabinets with sliding doors. Aside from the sliding-door cabinet, push locks are also suitable for many more applications, including vehicle locks, bicycle locks, motorcycle locks, and more.


REAL currently has three standard push lock models, and the custom modification of bolt and lock housing is available upon request.


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