Lock Cylinder

REAL Locks is the lock cylinder manufacturer and designer of “detained disc lock cylinder” in Taiwan. Compare to pin tumbler lock cylinder, detained disc lock cylinder is more reliable and durable because there is no springs and pin balls in the product structure.


Mr. Ho, I-Hui, the founder of REAL Locks & Security Co., Ltd, was a farmer before establishing REAL Locks. One day he returned home because of diarrhea, but could not find the right key to open the door. Mr. Ho had to go to a neighbor’s house and use their toilet which made him embarrassed. He was enlightened the designs of a reliable lock cylinder with the master key system when he was using the toilet. This is the story of how REAL Locks start.


Our“detained disc lock cylinder”has already helped hundreds of customers from different industries and used in various applications. REAL Locks is capable to customize the bolt and the lock cylinder structure to meet your application and expectations.


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