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What is REAL's main goal as a lock and lock cylinder manufacturer?

As a leading lock and lock cylinder manufacturer, REAL seeks to provide customers with reliable lock systems for their facilities and installations.


How did REAL provide good lock cylinder?

The cylinder is the key part of a lock cylinder. It contains the components that form the locking mechanism.
A good locking mechanism enables a high level of security and durability. This is why REAL builds the lock cylinder based on the detainer disc design. In addition, REAL's Master Key system can provide over 20 thousands key combinations under one master key. We are the first lock system manufacturer in Taiwan to produce detained disc lock cylinders, and we also got lots of International Invention Awards and global patents.


How does the detained disc lock cylinder different from the pin tumbler lock?

Compared with the pin tumbler lock, the detained disc lock cylinder does not feature springs and pin balls. Therefore, the lock construction is simpler, making the unit more reliable as well as more durable. Inside the lock cylinder, there are detainer discs separated by washers. When the key turns, the discs rotate to align to the true gate and open up the lock. Owing to its simplicity, it is possible to make modifications to the interior structure to best meet our client's requirements.


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