RL-9051(S) Keyless combination lock provides dual mechanism: combination for user and override key for management and emergency opening.


It is user friendly with easy to read dials, open / close indicators, and easy-to-use knob.


  • Users can set up their own numbers: 10,000 combinations.
  • Dual mechanism: Digits combination and override key for emergency opening.
  • Knob can be used for operation on opening, setting and closing.
  • Detected and reset function can be operated on the front side.
  • Use for cabinet, file cabinet, drawers, office furniture equipment, locker, etc.


  • Locker Door: 1~1.2mm
  • Horizontal type
  • Dimension: 97x34x40.4(mm)
  • Weight: 140 g



  • Lock Body: Zinc alloy lock housing/powder coating.
  • Cylinder: Brass