History & Vision


1. Corporate Vision

Our vision is to transform REAL from a “Traditional manufacture” into a “Security & locking system solution provider”. 

2. Corporate Mission and Responsibility

As an enterprise and a member of the society, REAL believes that human capital is our most valuable asset and making profit should not be the only concern. "People Oriented" company culture which provides efficient service and high value-added commodities to create mutual benefit business relationship. 

Our mission and responsibility is to satisfy and fulfill customers’ need by providing suitable solution & technical supports, and granting the feeling of security while protecting people’s property.

3. Core Value


REAL has the capabilities to integrate and merge different technologies and provide total solution in ways of innovative, unique, flexible, quick response, and fulfillment.

Production Management
Production management: Implementation of ISO 9001, PPAP, and ERP system helps to improve the production process and inventory control. All of the production procedures are following the environmental-friendly regulations, and REAL provides high quality products and on-time delivery which obtained customer satisfaction rate over 95%.

Emphasis in partnership is the key reason why REAL has became one of the most stable enterprise this industry. We cherish the partnership of working together with our customers and partners, which enables our business to grow continuously.


REAL® is a professional lock designing and manufacturing company established in 1972. Mr. I Hui, Ho, the Founder, designed and developed REAL's Detained Disc Cylinder at beginning, which is one of the safest and dependable cylinder systems in the world. REAL's Detained Disc Cylinder has been international recognized, including the prestigious "Golden Medal in International Invention Exhibition Award" in Geneva and Nurnberg.

REAL's Detained Disc Cylinder can achieve over 300 million possible key combinations and guarantee the highest security and dependability in the industry. We continue to expand new product lines to provide our customers the most profitable and most suitable solution.

  • 2022: FIBO
  • 2021: Taiwan Innotech Expo
  • 2020: NFC Security Lock got iF awards
  • 2019: 48th APEC Small and Medium Enterprises Working Group (SMEWG) Meeting
  • 2019: Winner of The 22th Rising Star Award
  • 2018: New development of NFC / Bluetooth electronic locks
  • 2011: Taiwan Excellent Products
  • 2010: IF Awards ; Reddot Awards , GD in Japan
  • 2007: Mr. Ho won the honor of "the Top Ten Outstanding Inventors in Taiwan"
  • 2006: Medium and Small Business Innovation Research Award in Taiwan.
  • 2005: Award Golden Metal in Taipei International Invention show & Technomart.(Steeling wheel lock)
  • 2005: REAL passed ISO 9001:2000
  • 2005: Certification of Taiwan Medium and Small Enterprises Innovation award for its RL-9044 keyless lock.
  • 2004: Gold Medal Award of Merit Pittsburgh, USA
  • 2004: Gold Medal of The National Invention and Creation
  • 2003: Medium And Small Business Enterprise Innovation Exhibition & Presentation.
  • 2003: 1st Annual "Golden Root Award".
  • 2003: President Chen Shui-bian Praise REAL's founder, Mr. Ho's Accomplishment.
  • 2001: REAL gained the certificate of CE.
  • 2000: REAL set up its first market place in USA (the state of Oregon)
  • 2000: Silver Medal of the 9th Session National Invention Awards.
  • 1998: The Excellent Prize of New Product Judge for Tokyo DIY Show.
  • 1998: The Winner of 2nd Annual Professional Manager Award for Enterprise Research & Development Manager.
  • 1997: The 24th Session Golden Medal in International Invention Exhibition, Geneva.
  • 1997: The 7th Session Symbol Excellence of Winner in Taiwan.
  • Golden Medal in International Invention Exhibition, Nurnberg,
  • Bronze Medal of the Committee of Chinese Culture, Science & technology, R.O.C.
  • The Winner of Golden Brain Award in the Nationwide Invention Competitions.
  • 1996: The 23rd Session Golden Medal in International Invention Exhibition, Geneva.
  • 1996: Geneva Mayor's Special Prize in 23rd Session International Invention Exhibition
  • 1996: Award on New Product Development in Taiwan.
  • 1995: Golden Mark Products in Taiwan.
  • 1995: The 5th Session Symbol Excellence of Winner in Taiwan
  • 1994: Golden Medal in the 3rd Session National Invention Awards, R.O.C.
  • 1994: Chinese Taipei Distinguished Inventor's Certificate, R.O.C.
  • 1994: Golden Medal in the 6th Session New Technology and New Products in China.
  • 1994: Medium and Small Business Innovation Research Award in Taiwan.
  • 1981 - 1991: REAL devoted in research and development of secure cylinder with 300 million combinations, which broke the world record.
  • 1981 - 1994, there had been 5 generations of "REAL KEYWAY" cylinders; "Master Key System" also broke the world record— A master key which can open up to 20,000 different digit-locks.
  • 1981: REAL began manufacturing "REAL KEYWAY" and obtained its first patent in Taiwan.
  • 1972: REAL Locks & Security CO. Ltd was founded.