Motorcycle Handle Lock

The Bluetooth Motorcycle Handle Lock is 100% designed by REAL Locks. Unlike U shape locks and break disc locks, the handle lock is applied on the break handle for users to operate the lock more easy with elegant. Users would never bend over to reach the lock and keep hands clean from touching the tires and disc break.


The handle lock is set in an obvious place and users would not forget to remove before driving and caused damage if riders forget to remove the lock before driving.


The Bluetooth Motorcycle Handle Lock contains two HSS bars(high-speed steel) for anti-cutting purpose. There each lock enclosed with a clip when the lock is not in use to avoid power consumption when mis-pressing the button.


  • Bluetooth with LED indicator light
  • Power saving sleep mode and wake up function.
  • Automatic locking function.
  • Micro USB charging
  • Anti-Cutting
  • Water-Proof
  • Adjustable base design fits different break handle and throttle gripdistance (4~33mm).


  • Material:Nylon, HSS(high-speed steel)
  • Weight:
  • Size :4*5.89*6.1cm.


Mobile Phone Requirement

  • Android and iOS mobile phones with Bluetooth function