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Cabinets and lockers are useful because they provide a space for us to store personal belongings when we are up to something. In fact,they are so useful that we can find them almost everywhere. For instance, a locker in the gym, at school, in the office, in the transportation center, and many more.


In these settings, we do not have the mind to take care of our belongings all the time and we need some approach to ensure the safety and security of our valuables. This is where we bring the cabinet locks into play. Cabinet locks and locker locks are applicable solutions to secure the content and there are several types we can choose from, including the Keyless Combination Lock Cam Lock ,  Hasp Lock and NFC Combination Lock.


REAL is the very first lock manufacturer in Taiwan to introduce the keyless combination lock with the master key to the market. The master key allows the security manager to open the lock and set the number codes back to default setting if the cabinet user happens to forget their number. Apart from the combination lock, we also have cam locks and hasp locks that feature simple construction as well as ease of use.


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