R&D and innovation

R&D and innovation is the foundation in REAL. Pursuing the best, is our policy that helps achieving the highest customer satisfaction.
Many of our customers have been purchasing from REAL for decades, and we have always been working restlessly to upgrade our products and adding values through our strong R&D and innovation capabilities.

Seeking to replace the traditional Tumbler Cylinder, REAL developed the famous Detained Disk Cylinder. The Detained Disk Cylinder is well known of its resistance to picking. It has no spring inside, which radically eliminate the situation when a lock gets hard to open after using for a long time. This innovation gives people the opportunity to choose more secure and durable locks for their life.

Through years of interaction with our customers, and diligent product research, Real developed the Keyless Combination Lock. It does not require key for opening, instead the access is via combination of codes. The application of inner cylinder, REAL uses the Detained Disk Cylinder for more security and durability. Moreover, Real added The Master Key System application into the Keyless combination Lock, which grants enormous convenience for administrator to manage multiple locks at once. The Keyless Combination Lock earned great reputation from our customers.

REAL will focus in the development of integrating new technologies ― The NFC, Bluetooth, and electronic-mechanical solutions. With the capability of  R&D and the spirit of innovation, We believe REAL® will succeed in developing the most Reliable, Endurable, Accurate and high security Lock! 



Reallock use Detained Disk Lock to form unique type of security device.

 The potential that it offers to the security is unique to its characteristics. But what makes a disk detainer different than other locks?

Detained Disk Lock is not all that common in everyday use. Mainly this style of lock is reserved for very high-end lock system.

Detained Disk Lock has as much variety as pin tumble. The complexity of Detainer Disk Lock can vary from extremely simple, to highly complicated. Nevertheless, despite the variety, the basics characteristics of Detainer Disk Lock remains the same. 

The key to the lock will run through the length of the cylinder, entering the hole in each disk. As the key rotates in the plug, the disks are aligned. By being aligned, all of the true gates will form one trough extending the length of the sidebar.

After the discs are aligned to the correct opening combination, the locking bar drops into the aligned slot allowing the lock to open. To withdraw the key it must be turned in the reverse direction until it stops. This will mechanically scramble the discs.

As a result, Reallock’s Detainer Disk Lock is more resistant to picking, and also provide a higher number of key combinations than lever locks.


Comparison : REAL Detained Disc Cylinder vs pin / Tumbler Cylinder

Mechanism"REAL" detained disc cylinderWith pins and spring inside
DurabilityNo spring mechanism guarantees long-term usage without maintenance.Spring inside the lock body lose its elasticity easily after a period of usage.
Combination of cylinderREAL detained disc cylinder is based on a variation of degrees of circle edges which allows for hundred millions of key combinations.With different length of pins only allows for hundred - thousand of combinations.
PrecisionWith lower mechanical tolerance guarantees higher precision.Pin mechanism limits it to have lower mechanics tolerance.
Key SafetyUse of patented key profiles can prohibit others to copy keys easily. Because only REAL has the mold produce REAL blank keys.Use of non-patented key profiles allows everybody to copy the same keys easily.
Cylinder Safety (1)Installed with anti-drilling disc can avoid drilling and picking caused by power tools.Without anti-drilling apparatus in the front of cylinder, it can be broken easily by power tools.
Cylinder Safety (2)Installed with free turn detained disc allows only the correct key to rotate the detained disc to the correct combinations. Without the patented correct key, any foreign bodies such as wrench and iron needle only can cause free turn.Use of any kind of long object (like screwdriver or pen tube) can possibly rotate the cylinder to adjust to the correct position.