Padlockable Cam Lock HASP - REAL Locks


The hasp and the cam lock are both conventional yet effective structures to control the accessibility of a locker door.A hasp lock consists of two pieces of metal plates. One has a slot while the other has a loop. When the loop couples with the slot, the door remains closed. With this configuration, it is easy to lock the hasp with a padlock.Some hasp design comes with two slotted plates, which allows the padlock shackle to pass through directly to lock up the hasp. On the other hand, the cam is a structure that protrudes from the lock cylinder like an arm. The cam rotates along the radial axis of the cylinder to lock a door.


REAL’s hasp cam lock takes advantage of the hasp and cam on the lock unit. We connect the cam arm with the hasp plate through a cylinder barrel so that the two parts may rotate at the same time. As the hasp rotates to couple with the other hasp piece,the cam rotates to the lock-up position. When the hasp set disengages, the cam rotates to the unlock position, thus allowing the door to open. Our hasp cam lock can adapt any type of


我們的搭扣凸輪鎖可以適應任何類型的padlocks, keyed or combination.


Its application is most effective for cabinets, lockers, storage boxes, and desk drawers.


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