RL-1001 Lock Cylinder is based on the design of RL-1000 with modified bolt. This lock cylinder is suitable for housing like RL-9156(A).


REAL Lock has the expertise to modify our lock cylinder design for different application and security requirement. We can customize and use different materials or design to reinforce the weak points and enhance the security level of your products.


The key code is over 200 million combinations, and the master key is available upon request. Only the correct key will rotate the discs aligning the side bar gates. After the discs are aligned to the correct opening combination, the locking bar drops into the aligned slot and mechanically allow the lock to open.


In order to withdraw the key, the user must be turned it in the reverse direction until it stops. This will scramble the discs mechanically.


There are 3 different lock housing materials for your choose based on your applications,
1. Zinc Alloy die casting for normal daily use.
2. Stainless steel for outdoor application and weather resistance.
3. Molybdenum for anti-cutting and anti-picking.

  • Millions of key combinations
  • Anti-drilling, Anti-picking, dust, water proof and adverse weather conditions.
  • Master keyed is available upon request
  • Any specification can be provided


  • Zinc alloy, hardened steel and stainless steel lock housing.
  • Brass cylinder
  • Shiny chrome plated in hardened steel and zinc alloy die casting lock housing