RL-9041 keyless combination lock is designed under user friendly purpose with easy-to-use knob with no need to twist bulky housing that defaces surfaces, and it provides dual mechanism: combination for user, and override key for management and emergency opening.

This lock is popular for use on healthcare, hotel, gyms, fitness center, schools, working places, hospitals, and anywhere needing flexibility of combination retrieval and multiple person access.


  • Set up your own combinations: 10,000 combinations.
  • Right hinge type and left hinge type are available.
  • Detained disc cylinder.
  • Millions of key combinations, patented worldwide.
  • Suitable for thickness of 1 to 23mm wooden, metal and laminate lockers.
  • No card, no wire, no battery, no key and no headache of management.
  • Dual access: digits combination and override key for emergency opening.
  • Managers can use the override key to open the lock, in case users forget the numbers they set up.
  • The next users can reset a new combination codes again.
  • Knob used for operation on opening, setting and closing.


  • Locker Door: 1 ~ 24mm
  • Opening Direction: Vertical and horizontal types are available
  • Dimension: 101x42x48 (mm)
  • Weight: 410 g



  • Lock Body: Zinc Alloy
  • Cylinder: Brass (Patented REAL detained disc cylinder)

RL-9041 Keyless Security Lock (User Operation)


RL-9041 Keyless Security Lock (Manager)


RL-9041 Keyless Security Lock (Install)


RL-9041 Keyless Security Lock (Video)