Stainless Steel Padlock

Mr. Ho, the founder of REAL Locks, traveled to South Africa and visited the lighthouse at Cape of Good Hope in year 2000 and found the padlock on the gate of the lighthouse are from REAL Locks.


Mr. Ho could not stop weeping from the joy and touched feeling as this padlock symbol the guardian of the lighthouse which protects the travelers and ships. In year 2020, this padlock was still in use when his friend visited there and found this lock was still rust free and no signs of corrosion.


The Stainless Steel Padlock has feature of superior weather resistance and suitable for outdoor and chemical factories use. The “Detained Disc Lock Cylinder” has features including anti-drilling, anti-picking, anti-dust, waterproof and corrosion proof.


Master key is available upon request. If you need more information, please feel free to contact and send us an inquiry.