Stainless Steel Padlock

Stainless Steel Padlock - REAL Locks

Padlocks are one of the most common types of locks. People use padlocks for protection Due to its simple and effective locking mechanism, it can be used in enclosed areas, restricted areas, etc.

A padlock consists of a lock body and a circular shaft called a shackle. user Simply snap the shackle into the body to lock, then turn the key to unlock. Given this simple mechanism, the lock material is important in terms of security.
Generally, steel or zinc padlocks have better cut resistance Stainless steel padlocks are strong enough and weather resistant and rusted. Therefore, stainless steel padlock is a better choice for outdoor, heavy duty applications.

REAL's stainless steel padlocks are equipped with a physical key to unlock. one Old fashioned but reliable method as it reduces the risk of possible failure Happened to modern smart padlocks. In addition to the stainless steel padlock, ensure You won't miss REAL's high security padlocks, cut-resistant padlocks, parcels Padlock and combination padlock series.

short story:
Mr. He, the founder of REAL Locks, went to South Africa to visit the lighthouse at the Cape of Good Hope in 2000 and found that the padlock on the door of the lighthouse was from REAL Locks.

With the padlock symbolizing the guardian of the lighthouse protecting passengers and the ship, Mr Ho was ecstatic and moved to tears. In 2020, the padlock is still in use. When a friend visited, he found that the lock was still not rusted or corroded.

REAL Locks' stainless steel padlocks are super weather resistant for outdoor and chemical plant use. "Chuck lock cylinder" has the characteristics of anti-drilling, anti-prying, dust-proof, waterproof and anti-corrosion.

Master key available upon request Most of our key padlocks. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us our products and services.