Truck Locks

Trailer Lock / Truck Lock - REAL Locks

Truck locks or trailer locks are designed specifically for logistics and supply chain applications. Truck locks maintain the stability of items during transportation. Using the truck lock is a must for today’s logistics industry because they secure the load on the vehicle and prevent them from displacement.
Moreover, the truck lock has developed into several types based on specific uses.

Quality is always a priority to REAL Locks.
Real Lock’s truck lock series covers a full range of products in terms of type. There are Glad Hand Locks, Container Door Locks, Remote-control Cargo Locks, Aluminum lock housing Kingpin Locks, Steel Kingpin Lock, Trailer Locks, and More. Regardless of the style, they are all steel-made to ensure their durability and robustness. Therefore, they are suitable for both general-purpose and heavy-duty use.


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