ODM Lock cylinder

Detained Disc Lock Cylinder (Patented)

The founder of REAL Lock, Mr. Ho I-Hui, developed the “Detained Disk Lock Cylinder” nearly 50 years ago because the poor quality of market existing lock troubled him in daily life. The “Detained Disk Lock Cylinder” can be applied in various industries including padlocks, machines, boats / yacht, cabinet, vehicles…etc. The key code is more than 300 millioncombinations, and the master key feature can help managers to access different area with 1 single key.


Customize to meet your application (ODM / OEM Service)

In order to meet your quality requirements, REAL Locks is capable to provide you suggestions and solutions according to yourapplications by using different materials, reinforced design for security reasons, and modified housing and bolt for particular use.

  • Materials: Zinc / Copper / Steel / Stainless Steel / Molybdenum
  • Treatment: Plating (240 hrs salt spray testing) / Heat Treatment for anti-drilling
  • Modification: Housing design in different shapes / add screw hole on the housing for different application / bolt design for particular use
  • Key code programing