Keyless Combination Lock

Combination & Keyless Cabinet Locks - REAL Locks


The keyless combination lock is also known as Locker lock, Number Lock, and combination locks in the market, and it is commonly used for lockers and cabinets in many places including school, gym, hotels, fitness center, workplace, shopping mall…etc.


Quality and Service are the priority for REAL Locks and we insist to use “Solid metal” material on the lock body which provides strength for long term daily and keeps the product quality stable, durable, and consistent.


The keyless combination locks from REAL Locks are easily to be installed on metal, wooden, and phenolic lockers. Our best-selling item, RL-9046 Keyless Combination Lock, has 4 dials which provides 10,000 possible combinations. If users forgot their pre-set personal codes, managers can use override key (master key) for emergency opening and retrieve the code.


REAL Locks has good reputation in the market and our keyless combination locks have been sold to 50 countries for more than 200,000 units.