The Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award is an honorable prize for small and medium enterprise from Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan. In order to encourage small and medium enterprises to engage in innovative research and development, improve technology and service, and enhance their competitiveness. Select outstanding enterprises to give the rewards and celebration. 

REAL is the one of the winners of the 27th Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award, and it is the 4th time that REAL has won the SMEs Innovation Award. 

Award-winning product: NFC combination lock (Model No.: RL9046B-NFC

"The new NFC combination lock is the innovation of electronic-mechanical integration to solve issues including:

  1. No operation records and inconvenience from traditional mechanical locks.
  2. Troubles of power source of electronic locks. 

The NFC combination lock is using mobile phone to retrieve the code, and the APP and cloud management help to enhance the security level by monitoring and recording the status of the locks on your smart phone. 

The manager would never worry lost or duplicated of master keys. Our product design allows manager to share the access authorization on the mobile phone and making management more easier for everyone. 

It requires NO wire / battery / card / keys, and provides trouble-free for both installation and user experience. Compare with other electronic locks, the NFC combination lock is price competitive and cost saving on both installation and maintenance.