RL-9046B-NFC Commercial Plus

NFC Cabinet Lock for Commercial Plus

The NFC Security Locker Lock is the latest development from REAL Locks, and this lock was inspired to solve issues as 1) No operation records and inconvenience from traditional mechanical locks; and 2) troubles of power source of electronic locks. The NFC combination lock is using mobile phone to retrieve the codes, and the APP & cloud management help to enhance the security level by monitoring and recording the status of the locks at all times.


The manager would never worry lost or duplicated of master keys. Our product design allows manager to share the access authorization on the mobile phone and making management easier for everyone.


It requires NO wire / battery / card / keys, and provides trouble-free for both installation and user experience. Compare with other electronic locks, the NFC combination lock is price competitive and cost saving on both installation and maintenance.

With different combination dial design and APP functions, there are three versions of NFC Cabinet Lock


  • Individual Use (Suitable for individuals)
  • Commercial Use (Suitable for shared space locations including hotels, workplace, schools, gyms, shopping malls, hospitals…etc.)
  • Commercial Plus Use (Suitable for public rental use)


How to use:

Please watch the introduction video “advanced version” for better reference and more information.


No power source is required for the lock and you do not have to worry about changing batteries and wiring installation. The zero power consumption help to save energy and the mechanical lock design can save maintenance costs compare with electronic locks.



  • No Battery & Wire Power Required
  • Blank Dials

  • Record opening time
  • User Friendly (cue tone & vibration)
  • ADA Compliance Option


  • Housing: Zinc Alloy
  • Color: Silver Plating & Black Printed Acrylic Cover
  • Door Thickness: 1~33 mm(suitable for locker, safe box, mail box…etc.


Mobile Phone Requirement:

  • Mobile OS: Android 6.0 or above / iOS13.0 or above
  • iPhone: iPhone 8 or above
  • NFC enabled mobile phone



  • Communication protocol:ISO14443 type A compatible