This lock adopt stainless steel lock body, shackle and brass cylinder. Meantime, the stainless steel lock shackle is concealed inside the lock body and it won't be cut.


The nature of the product is such that Anti-drilling, anti-picking, anti-cutting, anti-dust, waterproof, corrosion proof and bullet proof. It can make millions of key combinations to per your request.


If you need the Master key that is available upon request. Also, the stainless steel (or steel) hinges ca be provided.


  • Stainless steel lock body & shackle
  • Real brass detained disc cylinder system
  • The stainless steel shackle is wrapped inside the lock body, so it's impossible to be cut
  • It can replace all of the padlocks
  • 100,000 of key combinations
  • Master keyed is available upon request. Easy for management
  • Excellent prize of DIY Show, Tokyo, 1998
  • Stainless steel (or steel) hinges can be provided
  • Anti-drilling, anti-picking, anti-cutting, anti-dust, water-proof , corrosion-proof and bullet proof


  • Stainless steel lock body
  • Stainless steel safe shackle
  • Brass cylinder