The RL-9049 is a keyless combination lock that can allow user to set up 3 digits at any time. It is easy to operate and to install. It is all mechanical and requires no keys, wires, or batteries to operate. A key override is provided to guarantee forgotten codes and lock body is made of metal against force entry.


This combination lock provides the most convenient solution and eliminates the hassle of distributing and collecting keys in management. Users can set up their own numbers, which can achieve 1,000 possible combinations. Users don't need to use any key to open the combination lock on locker, and override key is only for emergency opening.


To Lock:

  1. Knob & white arrow must be in 12 O’clock and “UNLOCK” position.
  2. Spin dials to set a 3-digit combination.
  3. Turn knob & white arrow to 9 O’clock and “LOCK” position.
  4. Scramble dials / combination and close door.


  • Allowing each user to set their own combination; up to 1,000 combinations.
  • Designed to be mounted to most metal standard lockers, including recessed pans.
  • Current model supports spring bolt, dead bolt, and standard cam latching systems.
  • Override Key for management utilizing detained disc cylinders for maximum security.
  • Material: zinc alloy lock housing and brass cylinder.
  • No key, no card or no battery required; lock operation is easy and user friendly.
  • Knob also acts as an integrated pull.
  • Suitable for metal lockers, cabinets, and other storage solutions.
  • US patent No. : US8,113,024B2.